Ringo Yen

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I’m originally from Southern California and have been at Duke since fall 2009, when I started as an undergrad, majoring in Biomedical Engineering, with minors in Chemistry and Economics.  I started working in the Truskey Lab in 2011.  My projects as an undergraduate focused on the characterization of magnetoactive sponges used to control fluid flow in microfluidic systems, as well as the dynamic adhesion of endothelial cells under perfusion.  After graduating in the spring of 2013, I worked as an Associate in Research in the Duke BME department, under the supervision of Dr.Truskey.  In this role, I worked on a variety of projects that were directly related to the NIH Microphysiological Systems (MPS) Tissue Chip Project for Drug Toxicity Testing.  Some of my work involved using SolidWorks and Machine Shop tools to design and fabricate a microfluidic perfusion system for drug testing purposes, using LabVIEW and electromechanical components to create a force transducer system to quantify contractile forces of miniaturized skeletal muscle tissue, and utilizing pressure transducers and bioinstrumentation to develop a system to measure the inner diameter of small caliber tissue engineered blood vessels.  I even had the opportunity to collaborate with the Achneck Lab in the Duke Medical Center where I worked on developing the GoFlo plate, a miniaturized drug testing perfusion system driven via microcontrollers and microcentrifugal pumps.   

In the fall of 2015, I began the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering Program at Duke, and started work on a thesis investigating the oxygen consumption capabilities of miniaturized skeletal muscle tissues used for drug testing studies under the NIH Tissue Chip Program.  I am researching the oxygen consumption rates of the muscle under basal conditions, and when it is exercised via electrical stimulation.  The research involves a variety of components some of which include the design of perfusion chambers using SolidWorks, work with oxygen sensors and bioinstrumentation and integration of electronics within perfusion systems.  Outside of lab, I enjoy running, cooking, hiking and exploring Durham.


Contact Information:

  • Office Location: Fitzpatrick CIEMAS 1345
  • Office Phone: 919-660-5558
  • Email Address: Ringo.Yen@duke.edu