Optimizing 3D models of engineered skeletal muscle

TitleOptimizing 3D models of engineered skeletal muscle
Publication TypeBook Section
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsME Kondash, BNJ Davis, and GA Truskey
Pagination321 - 350
Date Published01/2017
Publication Languageeng

© 2018 by Taylor and Francis Group, LLC. Engineered skeletal muscle tissue can be designed and optimized for the replacement of damaged or diseased skeletal muscle tissue, or serve as an in vitro model of both healthy and disease state skeletal muscle. Such in vitro models can be used to screen drug responses and address basic science questions that are difficult to address in vivo. Although the endpoints of these two applications are distinct, the design parameters overlap, as both objectives benefit from an engineered tissue that most closely mimics the physiological conditions and functions of skeletal muscle in vivo.

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